Poetry & Pedagogy

*Poetry & Pedagogy* Poetry and Pedagogy is a 12 week program dedicated to empowering young people by employing best practices of arts education and creative expression to become civically engaged and socially competent in both city and global issues. Through partnership with local schools districts, community shelters, and the juvenile court system, this program aims to offer Orange County a series of both creative and informative workshops that enhance self-awareness and encourage students to consider global consciousness, as it is pertinent to their lives.

Poetry & Pedagogy can be facilitated in both the classroom setting as well as at any shelter/juvenile detention facility.

Poetry & Pedagogy features dialogue and creative prompts on numerous social issues, some are as follows:

I. Oppression Vs. Suppression

I. Objectification of Women

II. Prison Industrial Complex

III. “Righting the Wrongs of History”

Register below to participate. This program is open for ongoing enrollment. For more information, please reach out to Program Director, Shayna Castano at ShaynaCastano@exodusunited.org.