Founded in 2015, Exodus United Inc. is committed to serving at-risk youth of Central Florida by aspiring to inspire the many untapped voices that have been silenced due to systematic apartheid.

We believe that the power of voice is not solely an instrument of speech; it is a tool of vocal freedom.

Expanding throughout the Central Florida Area, Exodus United facilitates arts-in-education workshops used to galvanize the potential of our youth as well as encourage civic engagement. Through youth development programs, in conjunction with Orange County Public Schools, community shelters, and Orlando’s Juvenile Court System, Exodus United Inc. works to empower each youth through his/her own form of creative expression. In addition, Exodus United Inc. is the founder of the seasonally ran artistic showcase, “Merging Artists: The Movement”, which features diverse artistic presentations by an array of demographics such as the youth, the collegiate population, the homeless population, etc. as a way of bridging the gap and building a network for possibility.


A non-profit organization FOR and OF the People; Striving to Harness, Guide, & Ignite the passion within the at-risk youth of Orlando

Vowing to galvanize the community through the facilitation of empowering workshops;

Enabling their Untapped Love for Humanity, Artistic expression, Knowledge of Self,


The encouragement of Activism.


Exodus United’s vision is the creation and sustainability of programs that will turn today’s At-Risk youth into tomorrow’s global leaders. It is a future where our inner cities are thriving and buzzing with creativity, inspiration and motivation fueled by real-world evidence and experience. It is a future where the status quo becomes innovation and determination. It is a future where students no longer dread education but rather feed off of it and develop transferable skills. It is a future where the youth’s eyes are open to the limitless opportunities there are in all industries for people of all colors and creeds. It is a future to be achieved together; a way out, an Exodus.

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